HighDesign R5.2.1 Release Notes

HighDesign R5.2.1 Release Notes

  • Removed a safety check that could prevent files with damaged objects from loading correctly.
  • The tool settings window now adapts correctly when the system UI theme changes while it is open.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

HighDesign R5.2 Release Notes

New Features, Changes & Improvements

  • Ready for on macOS 10.15 Catalina and Windows 10 version 1903.
  • Hatch: added new Apply Hatch method to add a hatch with one click over a shape (rectangles, polylines, polygons, circles, arcs, ellipses, curves) or inside a region enclosed by walls.
  • Added alignment guides during the insertion of fixed-size viewports.
  • Viewports can now be created by dragging and dropping a sheet from the project browser onto the layout.
  • Viewports: the New Viewport button deselects any selected viewports before opening the New Viewport dialog.
  • Floating panels are now hidden when a Save As dialog is open.
  • HighDesign LT can now open and save DWG drawings (model space only).
  • DXF/DWG Import: added support for ByLayer line-types.
  • DXF/DWG Import: improved the conversion of entities from 3D space to 2D plane.
  • Screen rendering speed is approx. 18% faster.
  • Faster selection and deselection of objects.
  • With Snap to Intersections, object vertices and control points have always the precedence regardless of their Z-order.
  • Welcome window: added a Quit button; Project settings and Resource Manager buttons are disabled when no project is open.
  • HighDesign for Windows: closing the project window no longer causes the application to exit if no other project windows are open; instead, the Welcome window opens.
  • Associative elements now display the caution triangle for a broken connection only when selected.

User Interface

  • Object Info: the “More text” button after the description field was not aligned correctly when the window was resized.
  • macOS Themes: switching to a different theme than the system now updates the background color of some dialogs.
  • Fixed German localization of Viewport dialogs.
  • Mac: improved the appearance of the title bar on dark theme.
  • Slightly expanded the layout of the top toolbars on the main window.
  • Improved the light theme.
  • Windows: when the theme is set as by system, HighDesign now properly launches with dark or light mode according to the user Personalization settings.


  • Object Info: the ID pane could throw an internal exception on selecting an element when the pane was loaded in a floating window.
  • Layouts: renaming the current layout updates immediately the title block if present.
  • Viewports: editing a viewport now opens the normal settings panel instead of the modal dialog.
  • Viewports: the Viewport settings panel now correctly allows to edit the name of the selected viewport.
  • LT: the radial menu did not open correctly.
  • Opening a DXF no longer leaves the .dxf extension as part of the HighDesign document name.
  • The project grid did not retain the selected custom color.
  • Project Settings > Grid: pushing Cancel could revert the grid colour to automatic.
  • LT: the Layers panel is now always visible.
  • Fixed internal error in Tag styles.
  • Deleting a layout with a title block correctly removes the title block reference from the project.
  • DXF/DWG Import: setting a drawing scale now works correctly.
  • Details: snap to underlay bounds and contents is only available when the underlay is visible.
  • Tag styles did not work correctly immediately after creation, but only when loaded from file.
  • The command Window > Panels > Restore Defaults did not save the updated ui profile.
  • Rectangles, Viewports and other rectangular objects can now be resized by dragging one side without having to use one of the middle handles.
  • macOS Mojave: the text input area now opens with the correct background color regardless of the system theme.
  • Detail Area: the input field used for renaming is slighly larger so that it can show the text on one line.
  • Sidebar: expanding the sidebar restores the correct tab.
  • Project Settings: fixed some minor issues in the Units pane.
  • On project loading, fixed reference, sizing and position of symbols contained in groups.
  • Fixed a possible cause of hatch types suddenly disappearing.
  • Improved the alignment of arrows on cubic bezier curves.
  • Object Info updates its content immediately when dragged out of the sidebar.
  • Object Info no longer shows the “Keep Proportions” button when not applicable.
  • Polyline: Arc by Centre now works correctly again.
  • macOS Catalina: opening a color picker twice could crash the application.
  • Mac: gradients display their control points again.
  • Mac: the color picker on the Gradient palette did not work correctly.
  • The witness line of linear dimensions can now be edited and flipped without constraints.
  • Fixed the display of special lines on high-resolution screens.
  • Windows: improved the behavior of the Welcome window.
  • The open windows menu could list a project window twice.
  • Windows: the close button on floating windows is more responsive.
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