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Differences between Mac and Windows versions

Differences between Mac and Windows versions

HighDesign R5 has been developed with the intent of being as much cross-platform as possible, so that the user can feel comfortable with the software independently from the platform of choice.

In the initial release, as of August 2019, there are technical limitations that prevented a few features from being implemented in the exact same way on both Mac and Windows. We are working on different technical solutions to reduce the gap and remove these differences as much as possible.

Please keep in mind the following differences in HighDesign R5 for Windows:

  • Solid color fills cannot have holes (islands). To create holes, follow their profile with the main boundary. Holes are fully supported in vector hatches, patterns and textures.
  • Gradients are not available. The popup gradient panel is currently disabled and gradients created with a Mac version will be rendered as solid colors. Opening in Windows a project that contains gradients does preserve the gradients, though they are not displayed, and does not alter the file.
  • Publish to PDF cannot embed custom fonts.
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