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HighDesign R5 User's Guide

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1 Introduction
General description of the software, installation, fundamental concepts, object hierarchy, feature comparison
2 Workspace
The main project window, application preferences, tool settings and defaults
3 Get Started
Start a new project, define project settings; organize layers, sheets and resources; save, open and publish projects, import and export drawings
4 Essential Skills
Snaps, alignments, geometric editing, layers, line types, hatches and patterns, styles and types
5 Drafting Tools
Use the drafting tools to construct and edit geometric shapes and composite objects
6 Design the Model
Design tools used to construct and edit building elements like walls, doors and windows, etc.
7 Edit Objects and Elements
Tools to edit and modify the elements of the project
8 Manage Project Resources
Create, load and organize project resources like layers, line types, hatches, patterns, textures and colors
9 Advanced Tools
Use Project Views; Photogrammetry; Image editing; Drawing Presentation
10 Document and Present the Project
Add Texts, Labels and annotations; insert dimensions; create detail areas and callouts; use layouts, viewports and title blocks