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HighDesign and macOS Catalina (10.15)

As always, we test our software with both the macOS developer betas released by Apple during the development stage, and with the officially released version which may be slightly different from the previous betas.

Which HighDesign versions are compatible with macOS Catalina?

  • HighDesign R5.2 (currently in beta) is fully compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina. One specific issue was addressed for compatibility with this system and tested on the official public release (October 2019). The release of R5.2 is imminent (as of 14 October 2019).
  • HighDesign R5.1 works with macOS Catalina except for one known issue, described below. We recommend caution upgrading to Catalina unless you are sure you can install HighDesign R5.2.
  • HighDesign 2017.2.2 works with Catalina, but is not able to import any DWG files. We do not recommend upgrading to macOS Catalina if you are using HighDesign 2017 and cannot renew your license.

Known Issues of HighDesign R5.1 with macOS Catalina

The system color picker, opened for instance from the Fill color button on the Properties bar, will crash the application when opened the second time.


Use the HighDesign color picker.

Known Issues of HighDesign 2017 with macOS Catalina

DWG files cannot be opened nor saved in HighDesign 2017 on Catalina. DXF files seem to be working correctly.


None available.

Pre-2016 Versions

Legacy versions of HighDesign, older than 2016.0 (2015.x, 1.8.7) will not run on macOS Catalina as they are 32-bit applications and Catalina only runs 64-bit software.


None available.