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Changes from HighDesign 2017

This document lists the major differences for HighDesign 2017 users. For a complete list of changes and new features, please refer to the HighDesign R5 Release Notes.

  • Presets have been incorporated in Styles. All the functions that presets used to have are now available in Styles.
  • In HighDesign Standard and Pro, the “Organize” menu has been renamed “Project” and moved next to “View”. It now lists most commands used to organize a project: settings, resources, groups, symbols, layers, sheets.
  • The Inspector window that used to include all the panels of Hatches, Symbols, Texts, etc. has been split into independent panels.
  • Leading side and the “Invert sides” options of walls are now available in the Object Info instead of the Wall inspector, as they affect the geometry of the single instance.
  • The “Sheet Size” and “Units” panels in Project Settings define the default settings for new sheets. A sheet can now have its paper size defined by the project defaults (“By Project”) or custom.